About Chenango Animal Hospital

A little about Chenango Animal Hospital:


Surgical Services:


Surgical services at Chenango range from routine spaying and neutering to orthopedic, exploratory, and ophthalmic procedures. All pets are intubated with an endotracheal tube for surgical procedures and are maintained on gas anesthetic. One of the gas anesthetics employed at our clinic is the same one commonly used for human children. We pride ourselves on using the newest and safest medications for every procedure.


Radiological Services:


Here at Chenango, we have an in-house Digital Xray unit . We also utilize the knowledge of a board certified radiologist who adds his professional advice on many of the radiographs. The same radiologist also performs ultrasounds every Wednesday at a separate facility.


Laboratory Services:


Chenango boasts an in-house laboratory that handles most of our bloodwork. This availabilty allows us to have many test results within a few hours. Any lab work unable to be done in-hospital is sent out to Idexx Laboratories. Idexx is a trusted veterinary distributor as well as a complete laboratory. They are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to track emerging and continuing diseases. Turn around time for lab work sent to Idexx is usually within a few days.


Medication Services:


The pharmacy at Chenango spans from antibiotics to probiotics. Through the FlavorX system, we are able to change unpleasant tasting medications into something pets will enjoy. Flavors range from beef to bubblegum.


Exam Services:


Healthy and sick are all welcome at Chenango. We do wellness exams for preventative medicine as well as diagnose and treat existing illnesses. Chenango is a member of an emergency rotation group in the Triple Cities. Someone is always available to see a sick pet at any hour of the day. We have an isolation area for contagious animals, a kennel for healthy animals, and a treatment area for pets that need extra supervision.


Dental Services:


Chenango utilizes our licensed technicians and doctors to perform ultrasonic dental cleanings. Pets are anesthetized for this procedure to prevent injury and stress. Teeth are scaled, polished, and sealed. The mouth is rinsed with an antimicrobial flush. Any damaged or abscessed teeth are extracted completely.