Important Links

Companion Animal Therapy Laser:


Photostimulation therapy is a wonderful treatment tool in both human and veterinary clinics. We encourage our clients to find out more about this new pain management option.


Purina Health Insurance:


Due to the rising costs associated with veterinary care, pet health insurances are becoming more and more popular. Few clients set aside thousands of dollars in case of a pet emergency. Insurance plans allow for coverage at an affordable monthly price.


Companion Animal Parasite Council:


Parasites are a serious issue with all animals. Many of the parasites carried by pets can also be transmitted to people. This website has excellent information on parasites and how to prevent transmission.


American Heartworm Society:


Heartworms are a serious risk to canines and felines in all areas of the country. This site has an abundance of information about the transmission and prevention of this serious disease. For more information on Heartworm Disease and other parasites go to .